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Haridasa Bhakti Rasa Episode 3

Devaranamas sung and explained in this episode are:

  1. Govinda ninna naamave chanda: Raaga: Janasammodini, Composer:Purandaradasaru
  2. AaDisidaLeshode: Raaga: Mishra kaapi, Composer: Purandaradasaru
  3. gummana kareyadire: Raaga: kharaharapriya; Composer:Purandaradasaru
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Haridasa Bhakti rasa Episode 2

Devaranamas sung and explained in this episodes are:

  1. baagilanu teredu: raaga: hamsaanandi, Composer: Kanakadaasaru
  2. chandrachooDa: raaga: hamsaanandi, Composer: Purandaradasaru

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Haridasa Bhakti rasa Episode 1

Devaranamas sung in this episode are:

  1. karuNaakara neenembudEtako: raaga: kaapi, Composer: Purandaradasaru
  2. naanEke baDavanu: raaga: behag, Composer: Purandaradasaru



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Tribute to Rayaru

On the occasion of Raghavendra swamy’s birthday on 15th March, I had the opportunity of recording few songs on Rayaru for the Online Radio. Visitors can hear these songs on, at 9am, 6pm and 10pm (IST), till March 15th, 2016.

I have uploaded the same recording here too for the benefit of listeners.Hoping to upload many such recordings in future.

Sri GurubhyOnnamaha.

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