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Role of science in music

We have discussed enough of science in music in this blog. I am sure that if a child gets to know that so much of science is involved in the rhymes he sings, he is bound to ask a simple question that ‘Do I have to know all these science stuff, before singing’?

What do you think the answer to this question would be? Well, if your answer is ‘No’, then I do agree with you for music is Universal. Then you may ask me why all these science stuff in the blog?

Acquiring knowledge is free of cost these days, thanks to Google. Isn’t it interesting to correlate thus acquired knowledge to phenomena we see in nature? I call our ‘body’ as the biggest phenomena of nature and understanding it has several ways and means, be it through music,dance, yoga or science or whatever!!!

As far as music is concerned, Science in music plays the role of ‘Grammar in a Language’. A butler with his butler English, say, may be able to communicate with the customers better,   than an orator, with his sophisticated grammatically sound language. So the emphasis lies on communication rather than the grammar.

Language is mainly created to communicate the feelings, to express oneself and to develop a rapport with the other person, thereby exchanging ideas with one another. For this, what is required more than grammar is the involvement from within. Similar is the case of Music too. Music brings out the bhava meaning the feelings from within, thus connecting with the Cosmos/Universe/Existence, looping the listeners along with the singers too.

Great Saint Purandaradasaru has sung thus:

kELano hari taaLano…taaLa mELagaLiddu prEmavillada gaana..,

Meaning, God himself doesn’t stand a song which is grammatically sound with taaLa and other accompaniments but lacks the essence of love/bhaava/feelings in it…

You may want to listen to this song, tuned and sung by me:

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