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Musical ensemble

An ensemble of various instruments makes a concert. Instruments enhance the performance of a vocalist. The basic instruments which generally accompany a Carnatic Vocalist are Tanpura/Tamboora, Violin and Mridangam. Apart from these, the singer may be accompanied by Flute, Veena, Ghatam etc etc., depending on the choice of the singer. Let us try understanding the significance of basic instruments as accompaniments in a concert.

Tanpura/tamboora : This is a stringed instrument mainly used by a musician to ensure proper pitch/frequency. Currently these instruments have been replaced by digital shruti boxes, available in musical showrooms due to their precise digital adjustments of the required pitch.

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tambura                digital tambura


Violin: This is also a stringed instrument, used widely in Carnatic style of music world wide. Violin plays a very important role in supplementing the main artist’s vocals.


Mridangam: This is a percussion instrument used in a concert to enhance the rhythm/beats of the music. It is referred to as ‘taaLa vaadya’ , meaning an instrument of taaLa: beats.


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