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Interesting Facts and Videos

Did you know that?

  1. The body of a mridangam is made of jack tree’s wood and that a mixture made of rice powder, powdered iron and starch is applied on one of its sides to produce high-pitched sounds? Sounds interesting isn’t it? Then why dont you check it out in this Video for yourself?

video courtesy: Asian music circuit on

2. The pioneer work in the field of studying physics of instruments was done by Sir CV Raman, a noble prize winner for his discovery of ‘Raman effect’?

Scientific papers by Sir CV Raman include ‘Acoustics'(Volume 2). The volume includes six remarkable papers on the acoustics of Indian musical instruments–the mridangam and tabla, the only percussion instruments in the world that produce harmonic vibrations, and the tanpura and veena.

3. The violin is basically a Western instrument, modified to suit the requirements of Indian music? And that the bow of the violin uses horse’s hair?

Video courtesy: How it’s made from youtube

4. There exists something called musician’s uncertainty principle much similar to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in Quantum mechanics?

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