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Colours, Chakras and Saptaswaras

As a student of Physics, it has been a habit with me to associate everything to science, though the unseen is unexplained by Science. Here is another analogy of Science connecting colours to chakras to Saptaswaras.

colors n chakra

There can be nothing more complex in nature than our own body. Perhaps that is the reason we all look for how things work outside the body for they are much easier to understand than understanding how stuff works within our body. Well, the context of these statements is that I am completely puzzled as to how be sound waves and electromagnetic waves (Visible Light waves, here) mapped together in understanding the chakras (energy centers) of our body.

I am pretty much sure that sound resonates with different frequencies, around the chakras (energy centers) in our body when air enters through nostrils/mouth. Perhaps that is the reason we called sound as “Nada Brahmam”, to me it means connecting to Brahman or Cosmos through nada: sound. As mentioned earlier it is surprising to see that there are 7 chakras and 7 swaras in music, each one mapped on to a corresponding chakra. This is what is taught in chakra meditation.

Reference for chakra meditation:

It is not just the air that resonates within our body. There is something else too which passes through our body just like air. That is ‘light’. Light is also a wave for all we know. So there should be resonance of light too. Isn’t it?

But, isn’t it all the more surprising to see that there is a number tally between colours(7-VIBGYOR) and chakras(7) of the body. Simple mathematics tell me if A=B, B=C, then A=C. In this context, shouldn’t we map the sapta swaras (7 notes) to 7 colours of the visible light spectrum? In doing so aren’t we establishing a relationship between sound waves and electromagnetic waves in spite of their differences?

Let me also give the basic differences between light waves and sound waves. Though both are waves, carrying energy, having frequency, wavelength etc etc, one of the basic differences lies in their frequency range and so wavelength range enormously. Sound waves fall under audible frequency range (20-2000Hz) whereas Light waves have much higher frequency range of 4-8×10 to the power of 14 Hz, which is way away from the audible range. The frequency of colors VIBGYOR fall under the latter category.

Yet colours are associated with the saptaswaras, which to me, only means that there is something else happening within our body, which is connecting sound waves to light waves, which is beyond my understanding as yet.

I am in fact awaiting an interaction on the same from people out there 🙂


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